A control center for building and managing your microservices applications.

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First steps with molinio

Why use molinio?

Molinio is a control center for microservices developers to simplify infrastructure-related tasks in local, container, or cloud environments. Molinio gives instant visual feedback on the status of infrastructure elements, issues, changes, builds, logs, and results. This simplifies your development work, liberating you from the different apps, command windows, and browser tabs often used to stay on top of your projects. Molinio also provides a cloud-extended developer environment, with seamless transitions from local to cloud environments. This microservices development productivity tool enables you to efficiently work on projects with hundreds of microservices, even on low-performance computers.

Control center for microservices developers

Control center for microservices developers

Frustration with infrastructure tasks is something every microservices developer has felt. We get that. To get past the time-consuming chores and get back to the real fun of development, we created Molinio.

Molinio integrates platform services (including version control, logging, testing, issue tracking, building, and deployment) into a single, clean user interface. Now developers don’t need all the different apps, browser tabs, and command windows to manage their microservices. You only need Molinio, and it provides direct visual feedback on your microservices development and infrastructure.

Molinio saves you time on the chores, so you can do what you do best: Code.

Cloud-extended developer environment

Cloud-extended developer environment

Molino is more than just an awesome painkiller though. It is a powerful tool for agile teams and complex projects.

You know all the challenges that come up: The project manager is off-site for a week with a low-end laptop? The team is on multiple continents? The architect is commuting? Your laptop is three years old and it burns your thighs running 30 microservices?

Molinio allows you to adapt and overcome with a single click. You can create a cloud-based development environment for your project, where the parts you’re not editing yourself and the elements you need locally reside in your dedicated cloud infrastructure. The parts you’re developing can be placed locally. Or you can develop straight to the cloud. It’s up to you. Molinio is an environment as a service for Microservices developers.

Molinio saves you resources, so you can focus on what brings in the cash: Productivity.

Templates and rules for corporate development

Templates and rules for corporate development

Let’s be honest: Microservices and JavaScript is cool, but enforcing corporate rulesets and policing templates used by developers is tough.

Molinio lets you simply define these standards, then every project that is created will include the required constraints.
Molinio supports your standards, so your team can meet every client’s expectation: compliance.

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