Creating Todo application from Molinio templates

Author: Norbert Nemeth | April 21st, 2017

Introduction Molinio provides a great ability to create the skeleton of a project (template) using ReactJS, AMQP or REST templates in both JavaScript or TypeScript languages. Besides these projects, we created a feature to give you a fully configured, out-of-the-box RabbitMQ and MongoDB server, if necessary. So, with the help of the Molinio, let us show you how to create a simple TODO application. If you’re busy with reading, you can find the complete project on GitHub. GitHub: app-todo: link service-todo-data: link ...

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Developing graceful microservices by CorpJS

Author: lacus | March 22nd, 2017

Introduction A process that runs in a production environment has to start and stop gracefully, regardless of being monolothic service or a microservice. The reason of having such graceful operation is the following: usually, there are dependencies beetween the runtime resources of the process so to have an error-free start, these need to start in a particular order, waiting for each other. The same is true for stopping. Graceful start is trivial in a way that we cannot force our app to start if things do not ...

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